Howie Good

Premiere DateNov 8, 2016
0:00 Introduction
1:04 Rust Belt Americana
1:43 Structure of “A ghost Sings, A Door Closes”
5:53 Writing as a Cathartic Process
12:50 Poetry and the Internet
15:43 Journalist to Poet
19:37 Teaching and Poetry
25:46 Prose Poetry
40:41 Bio
41:12 Finish

This week BTR speaks with Howie Good about his recent collection of poems “A Ghost Sings, A door Opens,” which was published by Another Calligraphy Press. Good is a poet and professor of journalism at SUNY New Paltz, and the author of numerous poetry collections and scholarly books, including: “Dangerous Acts Starring Unstable Elements,” “Girl Reporter” and “Journalism Ethics Goes to the Movies”.


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