Melani De Guzman

Premiere DateNov 28, 2017
00:00 Introduction
00:35 Melani DeGuzman
01:48 Better Sit Down Boy Confidence Man
05:11 Movement Artist
16:57 Being Present
18:52 Professional Practices
25:31 Capturing Movement via Photography
31:10 Moving to New York
38:46 Outro
39:09 I am Here I am La Louma
45:10 Finish

Melani De Guzman is an LA-born, Brooklyn-based professional dance artist.

She holds a BFA in Performing Arts and Sociology from  Loyola Marymount University where she studied under Lillian Barbeito, John Todd, Laura Ann Smyth, Paige Porter and Robbie Cooke.

After graduating, she traveled to Ga’aton, Israel in Spring 2015 to train with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in their five-month international study abroad program.

Now, in New York City, she serves as a Teaching Artist for Marquis Studios, Em Arts Technique, and NYC Classical Training. She has recently shown at Gibney Dance Showdown in collaboration with a live percussionist and is working towards developing her passion of movement in film, immersive theater, multidisciplinary theater, site specific works, and physical contemporary dance theater.

She currently dances for Curet Performance Projects.

All images courtesy of the artist

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