McMansion Hell

Premiere DateSep 6, 2016
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00:46 McMansion Hell
02:33 McMansion Defined
04:57 Designing a McMansion
07:48 The Millennium House
10:08 History of the McMansion
15:18 Interiors
17:18 Critique
19:12 So What?
20:43 It's Personal
22:48 Responses
24:02 Tony Soprano's House
30:12 Finish

This week:

Writer Kate Wagner discusses her research and fascination with architecture’s greatest monstrosity: The McMansion. Her website, McMansion Hell, provides comprehensive and hilarious analysis of what makes these garish homes so hideous and why they’ve come to look the way they do. Some of her annotated diagrams can be seen below as well as on


Balancing the relationship between “voids” (doors, windows) and “masses” (the shapes that form a building’s facade) are what give a building its sense of rhythm and harmony. McMansions are notoriously terrible at this.


Total lack of proportion and continuity? You’ve probably got a McMansion on your hands. Image via McMansion Hell


A McMansion in McLean, Virginia. Annotations by McMansion Hell


Interior from McClean, Virginia McMansion. Notes by McMansion Hell


Texas McMansion via McMansion Hell


McMansion “Column Catastrophes” via McMansion Hell

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