Molly Lamb

Premiere DateAug 30, 2016
00:00 BTR Today
02:28 Storytelling
04:03 Family Origins
07:27 Light as Language
10:37 Watch the Light
12:18 Reverberations
15:15 Working With Objects
18:24 Pictures of Pictures
21:36 Changing Landscape
23:13 Feel of the South
25:40 Home
28:45 Books and Exhibitions
32:58 Finish

 “The Wolves” from Ghost Stepping

This Week:

Photographer Molly Lamb discusses her work, growing up in the South, and how she uses photography to talk about ideas of home, loss and memory. Molly’s latest exhibition Home and Away opens at Rick Wester Fine Art on September 15th.

 “Mumble, Utter, Hum” from Ghost Stepping

 “Untitled 9” from Take Care of Your Sister

 “Untitled 9” from Let It Go

 “Untitled 17” from Take Care of Your Sister

Host Thomas
Thomas grew up in Northern California where he fell in love with music and photography while going to punk shows and shooting skate photos. He photography in college, which may or may not qualify him to host an…