Ben Godward

Premiere DateAug 15, 2017
00:00 Introduction
00:44 Ben Godward
01:45 Might As Well Dinosaur Pile Up
06:06 Materials
12:36 Nightswimming
16:55 Scale
19:55 Combined Media
24:27 Titles
29:37 Current Work
34:38 Used To Be Cool Prism Tats
38:22 Outro
38:45 Finish

Ben Godward is a NY-based artist who works primarily in sculpture and public works of art. He received his MFA in sculpture from the university at Albany in 2007 and his BFA in sculpture at Alfred University in 2004. He has exhibited nationally and internationally at spaces such as The Front in New Orleans, Reservoir Art Space in Queens, Slag Gallery in Brooklyn, Volta 11 in Basel Switzerland and Socrates Sculpture Park in New York. He was a resident at the Socrates Sculpture Park and received a fellowship from the International Sculpture Center, I-Park and Jerome Foundation. He has permanent sculptures installed at the Stevens Institute of Technology and the Hyperallergic headquarters in Brooklyn.

All images courtesy of the artist

Ben Godward, Pangs of Self Awareness (you are the one with the decided perception), 2011

Ben Godward, She Is The Reason Reflected In The Sun, 2010

In Progress

Ben Godward, 2015

Ben Godward, Zen Spectacle, 2007

Ben Godward, Purple Coral (for Prince), 2017. Pigmented resin. 10″x10″x.75″

Ben Godward, White Cock with Purple Dots, 2017. Iigmented resin. 10″x10″x.75″


Ben Godward, Solid State, 2017. Pigmented resin. 10″x10″x.75″

Ben Godward, Contrapposto Clouds, 2016. Pigmented resin. 30″x24″

Ben Godward, Pilgrimage (The Narrow Place), 2017. Pigmented resin. 30″x24″

Ben Godward, Charybdis, 2017. Pigmented resin. 30″x24″

Ben Godward, Paths Ahead, 2016. Pigmented resin. 30″x24″

Ben Godward, dew, 2012.

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