Anthony Friedkin

Premiere DateFeb 28, 2017
00:00 Introduction
01:28 Doing It Right Middle Kids
04:31 The Photographic Essay
07:58 Digital v Film
12:08 Hollywood Series
16:30 Surf Culture
24:13 Prison Series
31:32 Gay Culture
39:44 Position of Documentary Work in the Art Market
44:06 How Technology Effects the Art Of Photography
50:24 Pacific Clouds Cavegreen
54:08 End

Anthony Friedkin (born 1949) is an American photographer whose works have chronicled California’s landscapes, cities and people. His topics include phenomena such as surf culture, prisons, cinema, and gay culture. Friedkin’s photographs have been exhibited at institutions such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art,  J. Paul Getty Museum and New York’s Museum of Modern Art. He is also represented in numerous private collections and his pictures have been published in Japan, Russia, Europe, and many Fine Art magazines in America.

All images courtesy of the artist

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