Tootsie Warhol: The Anti-Trump

Premiere DateOct 20, 2020
00:00 Podcast Introduction
00:38 Episode Introduction
00:58 In America Ezra Furman
01:23 Interview with Tootsie Warhol
17:03 In America (cont’d) Ezra Furman
19:08 Outro
19:30 Finish

This week Kimberly spoke with artist and activist Tootsie Warhol, a satirical Anti-Trump candidate running 4 President.

Tootsie has been written about in Politico and Express

All images courtesy of Tootsie Warhol


Kimberly Ruth is a New York based multi-media artist. Her work explores the failures and inconsistencies of language, especially in the digital age. Through text, photography, video and performance, she works to…