Sa'dia Rehman

Premiere DateMay 15, 2018
00:00 Introduction
00:35 Sa’dia Rehman
02:32 Remove Tag Haley Blais
05:13 Searching for Signs of Assimilation in Family Photographs
10:37 Searching for Signs of Racism in Mass Media Images
21:55 Manipulation of Photographs
25:37 Outro
25:58 Baby Only You & I Anemone
29:36 Finish

Sa’dia Rehman is a transdisciplinary artist whose work is fueled by a critical exploration of Muslim American identity and how it intersects with race, power and gender. Through performance, video, installation and large-scale wall drawing, Sa’dia obsessively pulls apart and puts together “images of consumption”, including: family photographs, mass media and art historical images.

Sa’dia Rehman has shared her work nationally and internationally at venues such as Alwan for the Arts (2018), Cocina Humo Galeria (2016), Los Angeles Sony Theater (2015), Taubman Museum (2013), Queens Museum (2012), Brooklyn Museum (2010) and National College of Art Islamabad (2006), among others. She was a nominee of the 2017 Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and Sculptors Grant, a recipient of Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson Grant (2018), Meredith Morabito and Henrietta Mantooth Fellowship (2018) and the Ann Hamilton Travel Grant (2016). She has been awarded residencies at the Edward Albee Foundation (2018), Byrdcliffe Woodstock  (2018), Vermont Studio Center (2018), Rasquache Residency (2016), ASI/LMCC & Creative Capital (2011) and AIM Bronx Museum (2008). Her work has been featured in the NYTimesHarper’sArt Papers and ColorLines. She received a MA from City College of New York (2006) and a MFA from Ohio State University (2017).

She lives and works between New York and Columbus Ohio.

All images courtesy of the artist

“This is My Family” newspaper in West Village bodega, 2015

Thirteen year archive, (details) 2016, artists archive, tape on various walls

The story of the tracings of all the persons before us and after them, performance, 30 minutes at Alwan for the Arts, 2018

Studio floor with family photos

Map of My Home, 2018, charcoal, ink, graphite, 100 x 100inches

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