Rebecca Pristoop

Premiere DateSep 11, 2018
00:00 Introduction
00:35 Rebecca Pristoop
01:46 Hunter Anna Calvi
05:55 VIOLATED! Women in Holocaust and Genocide
17:57 Devotion/Destruction: Craft Inheritance
21:10 Performance Art
28:21 Somebody’s Island Teleman
31:38 Outro
31:59 Finish

Rebecca Pristoop is a New York-based curator, art historian, and performance artist. Her interests lie with contemporary art that engages politics or cuts through the limitations of traditional media. With a soft spot for installation, she is fascinated with discourses on art and craft.

As a curator, Rebecca prioritizes intellectual adventure and convention challenging exhibitions, while as a researcher she revels in uncovering unknown artists and giving them their proper recognition. She has organized exhibitions in museums, schools, non-profit galleries, and even her own home.

As a performance artist, Rebecca performs with The Moving Company, created by Tamar Ettun, and also presents solo work.

All images courtesy of the artist

VIOLATED! Women in Holocaust and Genocide
Ronald Feldman Gallery
April 12 – May 12, 2018

Organized and presented by Remember the Women Institute, VIOLATED!  Women in Holocaust and Genocide  was a ground-breaking exhibition about sexual violence towards women during the Holocaust and later genocides. Presented at Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York, the exhibition included contemporary and modern artworks by 28 artists from Israel, the United States, Bosnia, Eritrea, Guatemala, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan, and the Yezidi of Northern Iraq. Two small artworks done secretly in Nazi concentration camps were among the 47 artworks presented.

Full list of artists: Rostam Aghala, Ofri Akavia, Judy Chicago, Ayana Friedman, Regina José Galindo, Nechama Golan, Muriel (Nezhnie) Helfman, Shosh Kormosh, Mitch Lewis, Judith Weinshall Liberman, Ella Liebermann-Shiber, Boris Lurie, Haim Maor, Naomi Markel, Anat Masad, Mary Mihelic, Dvora Morag, Halina Olomucki, Zeev Porath (Wilhelm Ochs), Rachel Roggel, Manasse Shingiro, Hana Shir, Li Shir, Nancy Spero, Linda Stein, Yocheved Weinfeld, Gil Yefman, Gil Yefman with the Kuchinate African Refugee Women’s Collective, Racheli Yosef, Safet Zec, and Dvora (Veg) Zelichov.Exhibition Coordinator: Dr. Rochelle G. Saidel
Exhibition Curator: Dr. Batya Brutin
Associate Curator: Rebecca Pristoop
with support from Dr. Sonja Hedgepeth, and Karen Shulman.Exhibition Institutional Partners: Cardozo Law Institute in Holocaust and Human Rights; Consulate General of Israel, New York; Free Yezidi Foundation; Genocide Survivors Foundation; Ghetto Fighters’ House; Kuchinate Collective; Kupferberg Holocaust Center at Queensborough Community College, CUNY; Ronald Feldman Gallery; Yahad-In Unum.Photos courtesy of Michelle Claire Gevaint

Devotion/Destruction: Craft Inheritance
Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Programs
January 17 – March 27, 2016

Devotion/Destruction: Craft Inheritance exhibits artworks created as a result of formal investigations into the materials and methods historically affiliated with craft. Artists exhibited are those whose intense study of traditional means for producing functional objects, or whose extended relationship with such objects and ornamentation, has led them to a place of intimate inquiry into their chosen materials. Through their work, each artist makes visible the physicality of de/construction and the visceral effects of their actions. In their making, the artists also carve a space for the re/consideration of the socio-historical constructs of traditional craft production. 

Alexandra Ben-Abba, Alyssa Casey, Colby Claycomb, Crystal Gregory, Elana Herzog, Joan Lurie, Michael Milano, John Paul Morabito, Armita Raafat, Cheryl Ann Thomas

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