Martha Naranjo Sandoval

Premiere DateMar 20, 2018
00:00 Introduction
00:35 Martha Naranjo Sandoval
02:26 See My Field Guided By Voices
05:13 Relationship to Family Photographs
10:47 How This Has To Be Told
13:40 Día de Muertos
21:13 Photographs of the Dead
24:19 Conversation Platforms
31:05 Outro
31:24 Dull Me Line Nap Eyes
34:51 Finish

Martha Naranjo Sandoval is a New York-based filmmaker and visual artist from Mexico City. Her work focuses in the materiality of images; in the difference between how time is portrayed in moving and still images; and in how images gain significance culturally.

Martha holds a degree in Film a Television from Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión (Mexico City) and an MFA from the International Center of Photography and Bard College. Her short films Vacío para Compartir, A Propósito del Dr. Alfonso Sandoval, and Autorretrato con Extraños y Uno Que Otro Conocido were shown in festivals worldwide.

She was part of the .357 Estudio y Espacio Creativo photography residency in 2012 and in 2014 she won the Conacyt-FONCA scholarship for studies abroad (awarded by the Mexican Government) .

In 2016 she edited the book After the Fact, which included pieces by Martha Wilson, Katherine Hubbard, and Nona Faustine, among others. Along with artist-curator Groana Melendez, she organizes platforms to showcase artists and promote critical conversations, including a series of interviews for the Camera Club of New York and the event Mexican Tertulia in conjunction with the festival Celebrate Mexico Now.

Images and captions courtesy of the artist

Emptiness for Two (Vacío para compartir) is a short film directed by Martha Naranjo Sandoval.

Two siblings, Ofelia and Arturo, fight for the authorship of a story which she lived and he wrote. The film begins when she returns to his department, where both used to live together, to retrieve her belongings and the situation that this confrontation triggers.

Directed and written by Martha Naranjo Sandoval.
Starring Alexis de Anda and Antón Araiza.
Produced by Andrea Toca.
Assintant Director Irene Melis.
Cinematography by Tamara Argamasilla.
Film Editing by Melanie Haslam.
Sound by Toyomi Maquita.
Sound Mix by Luis Enrique Morales.
Art Direction by Aline Enríquez.
Costume Design by Jocelyn Corona.
Music by Fernando Heftye.
Poster by Martín Pech.

Petén 411

Petén 411 is an apartment building located in the Narvarte neighborhood in Mexico City; my family refers to it as just “Petén”. My mother comes from a numerous family, 9 siblings to be exact. The history of my family’s inhabitance of “Petén” goes back to the 60s, when the oldest sibling started renting one of the smallest apartments while she attended med school. As the other siblings started immigrating to the city, they began to move in and out of different apartments in the building, only two of them never did. My mother was the last sibling to live there, occupying the biggest and brightest of the apartments, Apartment 1. I grew up there with my parents, my brother, and an aunt until I was 7. I remember some parts of it vividly, others very dimly, most of it I probably don’t remember and just store some imagination of it. We moved out in 1995 to the suburbs of Mexico City. I remember that day as my first big loss. “Petén” never belonged to us, and yet it’s impossible to tell my family’s story without talking about it.

Día de Muertos

For 2017 Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) Martha Naranjo Sandoval took over FluxFactory’s gallery to present an ofrenda. Ofrendas are altars in which Mexicans remember our deceased loved ones. This ofrenda was different from the traditional form, as it was interpreted through Martha Naranjo Sandoval’s art practice.

Martha Naranjo Sandoval invited members of her extended communities to submit loved ones who they wanted to remember. Over 90 people submitted pictures and names for Martha to make papel picado with. The installation included a wall painted with magenta chalk board paint for visitors to write to their loved ones who are no longer with us.

How This Has To Be Told (Excerpt)

Slideshow consisting of 32 35mm slides synched to a soundtrack and a digital projection.
43 min. Audio in English and Spanish with English subtitles.

The slideshow includes collaborations with Tamara Argamasilla, Sasha Bush, Aline Enríquez, Dustin Nakao Haider, Riley Hooper, Aline Hubard, Gülsüm Kavuncu, Minny Lee, Allyson Lupovich, Sam Margevicius, Groana Melendez, Irene Melis, Bia Monteiro, Alejandro Naranjo Juárez, Alejandro Naranjo Sandoval, Ofelia Naranjo Sandoval, Marie Louise Omme, Matthew Papa, Verónica Puche, Ofelia Sandoval López, Kat Shannon, Katrina Lillian Sorrentino, Marisa Sottos, Jessica Thalmann, Andrea Toca, and Cristina Velásquez.

Pictures from family recordings by Alejandro Naranjo Juárez and Ofelia Sandoval López.

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