Marina Dojchinov

Premiere DateOct 8, 2019
00:00 Introduction
00:39 Marina Dojchinov
02:05 Drift of Autumn Daniel Martin Moore
05:31 Upcoming Curatorial Projects
15:25 Founding 3squared Gallery
19:32 Finding Artists
25:23 Different Places Sui Zhen
30:35 Outro
30:56 Finish

Marina Dojchinov is an entrepreneur, journalist, gallerists and notable keynote speaker. She was born in Croatia, and after living in London, she has set her sights on entrepreneurial pursuits in the creative, art and fashion sectors. Marina began her career as a fashion & beauty editor while studying a BA in law and journalism.

Her latest venture was founding, directing and curating New York City based 3Squared Gallery located in Chelsea. The gallery specialized in emerging artists, and contemporary work taking the traditional gallery model and added flair to the curation, integrating an interactive element to every show. She has since curated multiple shows in the city including She Is, a feminist art show based on the #metoo. movement, and opened her experimental new speak easy The Zero Experiment.

She has upcoming exhibitions in New York City on October 10th at 189 East 7th Street and October 30th at 23 Warren Street

Portrait courtesy of Marina Dojchinov

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