Marco North

Premiere DateFeb 12, 2019
00:00 Introduction
00:40 Marco North
01:40 Phone Number Balthazar
06:29 Whale
29:32 Black Betty
41:39 Heaven Get Behind Me
51:09 Writing
57:51 Oblivion Deep State
61:42 Outro
62:05 Finish

Marco North is a filmmaker, photographer, author and musician based in Moscow, Russia.

Born in New York and educated at SUNY Purchase, Marco studied with the likes of Jan Groover and began to develop a highly refined, personal approach to storytelling. North’s seamless juxtaposition and sequencing of intimate, classical images, sounds and writing are at the heart of a body of work that is often described as evocative and singular.

His award-winning blog Impressions of an Expat is followed by readers from over 130 countries. He has taught and lectured at The Pratt Institute, The School of Visual Arts, NYU, and the British School of Design in Moscow.

Marco is currently recording his first album, Heaven Get behind Me.

All videos courtesy of artist

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