Katrina Chamberlin

Premiere DateDec 10, 2019
00:00 Introduction
00:39 Kat Chamberlin
01:36 Ohio River Caroline Says
04:58 Morse Code
19:41 Current work
34:35 Kelly Varsity
37:30 Outro
37:52 Finish

Katrina Chamberlin is a Brooklyn-based artist who was born in the Netherlands and raised in Turkey. Her work has been exhibited across the U.S and internationally, and featured in exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, The Chicago Cultural Center, Barbara and Steven Grossman Gallery in Boston, TSA and BRIC in New York City. Kat completed her Masters in Fine Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is the recipient of a Jacob K. Javits Fellowship, the Toby Devan Lewis Award and the William Dole Award.

She recently exhibited at Tiger Strikes Asteroid.

All images courtesy of the artist

Anti-Fragile IV, 2018
Flameworked laboratory glass, gym mat, strapping, wood
55 × 23 × 23 inches (139.7 × 58.4 × 58.4 cm)
image credit: Wick Gallery

Anti-Fragile II, 2018
Flameworked laboratory glass
36 × 5 × 2 inches (91.4 × 12.7 × 5.1 cm)
image credit: Wick Gallery

Battle Rope, 2019
Silicone rubber
144 inches (365.8 cm) long
image credit: Wick Gallery

As part of Serious Play: Translating Form, Subverting Meaning at BRIC, curated by Jennifer Gerow & Elizabeth Ferrow.
photo credit: Nicholas Cueva
cheerleader: Tiffany Galbo

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