Karine Falleni

Premiere DateJan 22, 2019
00:00 Introduction
00:40 Karine Falleni
02:12 Time Angelo De Augustine
06:05 Recording Movement
18:12 Marks
23:56 Installation and Architecture
36:13 Influences
40:20 Dream Find Mel Parsons
44:26 Outro
44:46 Finish

Karine Falleni is a visual artist interested in the experience of the moment. More specifically, the work is a documentation of her movement within the boundaries of structural indoor spaces. She records the body’s immediate, momentary reaction to architectural structures and questions how much of that movement might really be led by the physical space itself. Using the mark to represent these recordings, Karine”s work ranges from site-specific installations to works on paper each representing drawings in space.

Karine completed her undergraduate studies at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and received her Master of Fine Arts at Stony Brook University, NY. She is a recipient of the Goldberger Award and Dorothy L. Pieper Award. She has exhibited in New York, Washington DC, Arizona, Egypt and Italy including the Islip Art Museum, Tucson Museum of Art and MOCA Tucson.


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