Julio Valdez

Premiere DateJun 26, 2018
00:00 Introduction
00:35 Julio Valdez
01:50 You’ve Arrived Ben Caplan
05:45 Shifting Influences
12:28 Metaphoric Imagery
16:23 Formal Training
21:33 Studio Offerings for Artists
26:10 Outro
26:29 Birdsong (feat. Zola Blood) Claptone
29:18 Finish

Julio Valdez is a New York based mixed-media artist who was Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Working between pluri-cultural sensibilities, Julio infuses his work with multi-layered imagery as a response to the shifting cultural and social influences in his life. Julio has received numerous prestigious international awards, including an Artist-in-Residence Fellowship at The Studio Museum in Harlem, the Silver Palette for Painting at the 30th International Festival of Painting in France, the Grand Prize at the 17th  Leon Jimenes Biennial in the Dominican Republic and the New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship among others.

He is currently represented by Latin American Masters in Santa Monica, CA, June Kelly Gallery in New York City and Legacy Fine Art Panama.

All images courtesy of the artist

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