Joshua Liebowitz

Premiere DateAug 28, 2018
00:00 Introduction
00:35 Joshua Leibowitz
01:39 Painty Pants Bilge Rat
04:44 Interest in Technology
10:38 Research into Technology Consulting Companies
23:14 Current Work
31:11 Unawake Bear Grass
34:12 Outro
34:33 Finish

Joshua Liebowitz is a New York based artist working with research and assemblage. Liebowitz’s works have been shown at CAFA International Gallery, Beijing; Transmitter Gallery, New York; ISCP, Pioneer Works, The Boiler|Pierogi, and NARS Foundation (New York), amongst others. His commissions include The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church; Flux Factory; Electric Objects, and his works have been discussed in a variety of publications, including The Atlantic; Art News; ArtFCity; Jacket 2; Packet BiWeekly; Huffington Post; and Bedford+Bowery.

He earned his BA at Columbia University.

All images courtesy of the artist

(From left) installation view: The Activation of Marginalia, Edge Polity, Designed Subject Navigates the Blob, 2018

(From foreground) installation view: Ballast (Autonomous Thinking in the Exhaustion Years), Concerning the Arbitrariness of Platforms, 2018

Transfer of Self Over a Network Connection, 2017, CNC-routed HDU foam, projection, digital print on acrylic, 74 x 76 x 16.25 inches

Habit Futures, 2017, monitor, network racks, glass of saltwater, text, 18.5 x 58 x 13 inches, text variable


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