Jez Riley French

Premiere DateApr 2, 2019
00:00 Introduction
00:38 Jez Riley French
02:24 Du Blonde On The Radio
05:50 The Act of Listening
17:49 Exhibiting and Exploring Sound
26:37 Women in Sound
36:30 Scores for Sound
42:04 I’m Me Chai
45:20 Outro
45:41 Finish

Jez Riley French is a UK-based sound artist who uses intuitive composition, field recording, improvisation and photography. Alongside performances, exhibitions and installations, he lectures and runs workshops around the world on various aspects of sound culture.

His work has included commissions and performances for Tate Modern (UK), The Whitworth (UK), Paradise Air (Japan), Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (Japan), Artisphere (USA), Harpa (Iceland), Mengi (Iceland), The Wired Lab (Australia), Mullae Art Space (Korea) and for organisations in numerous other countries around the world.


score for listening # 70
arrangements placed across the locale

score for listening # 85
sounds appear randomly placed intentionally

score for listening # 111
the attempts to order that which we receive as ours results merely in grids placed across much wider expanses. we choose whether to stay within the lines or cross the borders – to overlook or not the choreography of perception


External references for women sound artists discussed in podcast:

pheobe riley law

Mieko Shiomi

annea lockwood

alison knowles


eliane radigue

christina kubsich

liz phillips

janet cardiff

maryanne amacher

hildegard westercamp

camille normant

jana winderen

signe liden

embla quickbeam

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