Chrissy LaMaster

Premiere DateMay 5, 2020
00:00 Introduction
00:40 Chrissy LaMaster
01:47 Weeping Mother’s Song Lila Blue
08:44 How the Pandemic Lead to Exposure
17:03 Success with Small Fruits
37:06 Please Be Home Before Dark
47:04 Starting Again Day Wave
50:36 Outro
50:56 FInish

Chrissy LaMaster is an artist living in Billings, Montana. Chrissy holds an MFA in Photography and Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies from Illinois State University and an MA in Studio Art from Bradley University. Her primary areas of interest and research include the history of photography, gender studies, historical and contemporary representations of motherhood, and the history and theory of craft. Chrissy has experience in teaching, curating, and programming in a variety of arts related settings. Her work has been exhibited internationally. Chrissy is a contributor to the online projects Cultural ReProducers and Temporary Art Review.

All images courtesy of the artist

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