Borinquen Gallo

Premiere DateOct 13, 2020
00:00 Podcast Introduction
00:45 Episode Introduction
01:45 Try Me Warm Doghouse Reilly
02:21 Interview with Borinquen Gallo (pt 1)
22:40 Mic Break
23:13 Interview with Borinquen Gallo (pt 2)
35:15 Live With Yourself Photo Ops
39:11 Outro
39:28 Finish

Borinquen Gallo is an Italian-Puerto Rican Bronx-based artist whose work delves into themes of beauty, community, socio-cultural systems and structures through sculpture and installations made using a range of repurposed materials.

Borinquen has exhibited at BRIC Arts Media, Smack Mellon, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Wave Hill Sunroom Project Space, The National Academy Museum, the Queens Museum, Columbia University, The Cooper Union and Queens College. In addition, she has worked on curatorial projects with BAM Fischer, and Pratt Institute.

She is currently Visiting Associate Professor of Art and Design Education at Pratt Institute in New York.

All images courtesy of the artist

Wave Hill Sunroom Project Space
Be(e) Sanctuary, 2017
Debris netting, yellow plastic bags, caution tape and house plants

Be(e) Sanctuary (detail), 2017

Deadly Poppy Field, 2016
Debris netting, red plastic bags and caution tape
144 x 60 in

Uproot exhibition at Smack Mellon, curated by Gabriel de Guzman
Green Unplugged (expanded), 2017
Debris netting, green plastic bags and caution tape
8 x 14 in

Tree of Lucid Dream(er)s, 2018
Community-based, participatory sculpture installation in collaboration with the Bronx Museum and Idealist

Bronx Speaks: Dreamers, Weaves, Wisdom and Wayfaring, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY, 2018

A workshop series and participatory collaborative installation highlighting the importance of immigration and the struggle for equity for Dreamers in collaboration with the Bronx Museum and Angela’s Salon. The project culminated with an outdoor community public event, in collaboration with the Bronx Museum, cultural anchor, Angela Santana, and Bronx community members. In many cultures hair speaks volumes and functions as a signifier of not only personal style but your place in the community and social and religious status and function. Using hair as a metaphor for the evolution of their history and precarious status, a group of dreamers shared their personal narratives of courage and quest, challenge and overcoming.

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