Ashley Eliza Williams

Premiere DateDec 1, 2020
00:00 Podcast Introduction
00:35 Episode Introduction
01:04 Meet You in the City Told Slant
01:29 Interview with Ashley Eliza Williams (pt 1)
17:08 Mic Break
17:42 Interview with Ashley Eliza Williams (pt 2)
31:08 Outro
31:30 Meet you in the City Told Slant (cont’d)
32:02 Finish

This week Kimberly spoke with Massachusetts based artist Ashley Eliza Williams, whose interdisciplinary work explores new ways of interacting with nature and each other. She shows her work nationally and internationally and has attended residencies in the US, Germany, Thailand and China. She is represented by K Contemporary in Denver Colorado.

All images courtesy of the artist

An Internal Construction of an External Condition
Oil on panel
40″ x 40″

Oil on panel
20″ x 16″

Oil on panel
18″ x 24″

Resonant, from Anthropocene
Oil on panel
40″ x 30″

Submerge, Data for Submerge
Oil on panel 30″ x 24″
Oil on paper 13″ x 19″

Biolith, Data for Biolith
Oil on panel 24″ x 18″
Oil on paper 28″ x 20″

Kimberly Ruth is a New York based multi-media artist. Her work explores the failures and inconsistencies of language, especially in the digital age. Through text, photography, video and performance, she works to…