Artists Respond to COVID pt 3

Premiere DateJun 16, 2020
00:00 Show Opening
00:29 Habitat Momma
00:42 Episode Intro
01:15 00:29 Habitat (Cont’d) Momma
02:06 Interview with Marco North pt 1 (Street Photography & Leica)
15:32 Mic Break
15:44 Sophia Again Discovery Zone
16:57 Interview with Marco North pt 2 (Work from Home)
32:35 Episode Outro
32:59 Just Me and You Drab City
36:13 Podcast Outro
36:37 Finish

This week Kimberly speaks with Marco North about COVID’s effect on filmmaking and his new still photography project “When The World Was Small,” which consists entirely of images taken at home.

Images courtesy of Marco North



Kimberly Ruth is a New York based multi-media artist. Her work explores the failures and inconsistencies of language, especially in the digital age. Through text, photography, video and performance, she works to…