Art Uncovered - Whitney Biennial with Michelle Grabner

Premiere DateApr 29, 2014
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Michelle Grabner is an artist and, this year, one of the curators of the influential Whitney Biennial. Michelle was given the museum’s entire fourth floor for her section of the show, and she’s selected over fifty artists working in nearly every medium imaginable: There are large abstract paintings, ceramics, work made from fabric and yarn, videos, photography, sculptural installations, and even notebook pages from writer David Foster Wallace.

Michelle Grabner is based in Chicago where she’s also a professor of painting and drawing at  the Art Institute of Chicago. Along with her husband artist Brad Killam, Michelle also regularly hosts artists at The Suburban, a small work and exhibition space located behind her home in the Oak Park neighborhood and at The Poor House, another exhibition space located in rural Wisconsin.

Last week I met up with Michelle Grabner at the Whitney Musuem to talk about her experience curating the Biennial and some of her other projects.

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