Premiere DateJan 19, 2016
00:00 Intro
01:03 Unorthodox
02:06 Iconoclasts
04:15 Margaret Harrison
08:05 Curatorial Challenges
11:58 Installation Architecture
13:55 Taking Risks
16:57 Takeaways
20:32 Finish

Margaret Harrison, What’s That Long Red Limp Wrinkly Thing You’re Pulling On?, 2009, watercolor and colored pencil on paper, 23 ⅞ x 18 ⅞ in. Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Inc. New York.  © Margaret Harrison, photograph by Casey Dorobek

This week we take a look at an exhibition currently on view at the Jewish Museum here in New York. The show is called Unorthodox and  it brings together fifty-five artists from around the world, all of whom share a desire to break rules, challenge artistic conventions, and question the status quo of their time. I recently  got a chance to speak with two of the show’s co-curators, Daniel S. Palmer and Kelly Taxter, about the exhibition and the importance of creative risk taking in contemporary art. Unorthodox is on view through March 27th.

Jirí Kovanda, Hanging Sleeves, Hiding Hands, made in collaboration with Eva Koèátková, 2013, performance and object, dimensions variable.  Courtesy of the artist.

Clayton Bailey, Milker Robot, 1985, repurposed scrap aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, glass, light bulbs, 67 x 20 x 17 in. Courtesy of the artist. © Clayton Bailey

William T. Vollman, Tree of Heaven, 2015, oil on panel, 22 x 16 in. Courtesy of the artist. © William Vollman, image courtesy of the artist

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