The Visit

Premiere DateOct 6, 2015
00:00 Intro
01:48 People With No Ideas
03:12 The Visit
04:03 Simulation
06:05 Institutions
08:52 Speaking to Aliens
11:09 United Nations
14:37 PR
16:37 Internet
18:05 Different Cosmologies
19:52 Longing For Validation
21:56 Scariest Scenario
23:00 Into Eternity
25:16 Odyssey
28:31 Extreme Time
30:54 Regular Life
33:03 Finish

In artist Michael Madsen’s new documentary, The Visit, he tackles one of the biggest questions of all: What would happen if intelligent life from another world landed on Earth? The film begins with the arrival of an alien craft on Earth and proceeds as a thought experiment. We see real scientists, military officials, and a member of the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs discuss and act out how they might respond to an actual encounter with intelligent beings from space.

The Visit is the second in a trilogy of films that explores big ideas surrounding human-kind and civilization. Michael’s first, Into Eternity, tells the story of an underground nuclear waste repository being built to last 100,000 years. The final film, Odyssey, will focus on the philosophical questions of inter-generational space travel.

Host Thomas
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