The Tea Project

Premiere DateApr 5, 2016
00:00 BTR Today
00:40 The Tea Project
02:59 Origin Stories
07:20 Encounters with Tea
10:41 Return to Iraq
15:16 WW1 to Guantanamo
19:07 Tea Performance
25:03 The Domestic and Destruction
28:39 Veteran Art
30:54 Reactions
33:35 Returning the Cups
38:47 Finish

March 19, 2012 – Tea Project performance in conjunction with Enemy Kitchen by Michael Rakowitz in Chicago, IL.  (Photo by Greg Broseus) via

Porcelain cups used in The Tea Project

The Tea Project gallery installation

This Week:

Artists Aaron Hughes and Amber Ginsburg discuss The Tea Project, a project that grew out of Aaron’s encounters with tea, and being offered tea, while deployed in Kuwait and Iraq as a member of the Illinois Army National Guard. The Tea Project takes a variety of forms, but it’s centered around a performance  in which a small audience comes together with  Aaron for a discussion over tea. During the performance stories are shared and tea is served in special porcelain cups made together by Amber and Aaron. The cups are cast to resemble the styrofoam cups given to detainees at Guantanamo Bay, which the prisoners often decorated with flowers and arabesques. For The Tea Project, Amber and Aaron made over 700 of these porcelain cups, one to represent every person held at Guantanamo. The project hopes to create a space for discussion and reflection on issues ranging from  detention and Islamophobia to racism and human rights.

Aaron and Amber are hosting Tea Project in Chicago over the next two weeks. For more information about those events visit


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