Art Uncovered - Tega Brain

Premiere DateMar 17, 2015
00:00 Intro
01:34 Engineering
03:13 Post The Met
08:46 Archive of Old and New Events
14:56 Keeping Time
17:35 What the Frog's Nose Tells the Frog's Brain
20:40 Coin Operated Wetland
25:31 Eyebeam
29:12 Critical Engineering
34:51 Finish

Post The Met

Australian artist Tega Brain is  interested in re-imagining the  systems, infrastructures, and networks that govern our technologically enhanced world. In her works she’s converted data into smells, searched for signs of climate change in images on Flickr, and constructed a hybrid eco-system that joins a coin-operated laundromat with a  miniature wetland. This in addition to many other playful and throughout provoking pieces that ask questions like: how much could you get for an ancient artifact from the Metropolitan Museum if it were listed on craigslist?

This week on Art Uncovered Tega Brain talks about her work,  her former life as an environmental engineer, and we discuss a piece she has on view at Flux Factory here in NYC as part of a show called Counterfeiting for Cash.

Coin-Operated Wetland, photo by Alex Davies

Archive of Old and New Events

Keeping Time

What the Frog’s Nose Tells the Frog’s Brain

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