Such Mean Estate

Premiere DateSep 8, 2015
00:00 Ryan Spencer
01:49 Such Mean Estate
03:58 Disaster Movies
06:47 Viewing Experience
11:55 Real Life
15:00 Essay
17:16 Quiet Earth
21:25 New Projects
23:44 Democratic Images
26:36 Time of the Wolf
28:39 Finish

Such Mean Estate #1

For his new book, Such Mean Estate, Photographer Ryan Spencer spent about two years watching dozens of disaster movies. As he went he photographed stills from these epic-destruction fests using black and white film and a polaroid land camera. Amid the spectacle  in movies like Day After Tomorrow and Resident Evil Extinction, Ryan isolated the quiet and mysterious moments that might otherwise go unappreciated amid the chaos and destruction: A tiny lone figure atop a monolithic highway overpass, the smoldering skyline of some anonymous city, the silhouette of a figure staring up at a blindingly white sky. Fifty-four of Ryan’s apocalyptic polaroids appear in  Such Mean Estate along with an appropriately haunting introductory essay by Leslie Jamison. A few weeks ago  I got a chance to meet up with Ryan at his Brooklyn apartment to talk about the book.

Such Mean Estate #10

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