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Premiere DateOct 18, 2011
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This week on Art Uncovered I speak with Steve Lambert.

Steve makes objects and creates experiences that connect idealistic and radical ideas with everyday life. His projects help us imagine a better (dare I say utopian?) world, and allow us to ask, “well what if?”

A great example of this is the The New York Times Special Edition: a fictional 14 page issue of the New York Times that announces the end of the Iraq war, the passage of a Maximum Wage Law, and features headlines like, “Nation Sets it’s Sights on Building a Sane Economy.”

Some of Steve’s other projects include: Add-Art a Firefox plugin that replaces online ads with art images and Simmer Down Sprinter an arcade game that pits its users in a battle of competitive relaxation.

This summer Steve  unveiled his newest and largest project: a light-up billboard-sized sign  that reads “Capitalism Works for Me!”. Below the sign a kiosk allows viewers to vote  on whether or not Capitalism works in their lives. The votes are displayed as part of the sign’s LED scoreboard.

Steve spoke with me recently over the phone from Boston about this new project, his experience painting signs at Occupy Boston, and his thoughts on the relationship between art and activism.

Steve at #OccupyBoston

New York Times Special Edition. Read the paper HERE!

Add-Art Download it HERE. Also check out Self Control an application that allows you to block distractions like your email and Facebook so you can get stuff done!

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