Spontaneous Urban Plants

Premiere DateJun 21, 2016
00:00 BTR Today
00:54 Spontaneous Urban Plants
02:50 What is a Weed?
06:13 Native vs. Invasive
08:28 Weed Survey
10:47 Noise Reduction
12:48 Edible Weeds
15:19 CO2
17:52 Why Weeds?
19:36 Walking in the City
21:17 Future Cities
24:01 Patchwork Ecology
28:59 Finish

This Week:

Landscape architect David Seiter talks about his new project: Spontaneous Urban Plants: Weeds in NYC. David is interested in how weeds might be used by landscape designers and urban planners to improve our cities. David is the design director and founding principle of Future Green Studio.

HOST Thomas
Thomas grew up in Northern California where he fell in love with music and photography while going to punk shows and shooting skate photos. He photography in college, which may or may not qualify him to host an…