Sharon Shattuck

Premiere DateJun 16, 2015
00:00 Intro
00:54 Sharon Shattuck
03:02 Driving Question
04:14 Starting Out
05:11 Independence
07:18 Filmed By Trisha
09:52 Paintings
12:41 Complicated Identity
15:10 Marcia
17:46 Family Communication
18:41 Call Me Dad
22:05 Home Town
23:14 In Laws
24:37 LGBTQ in Media
29:57 Sense of History
32:43 Response
36:21 Finish

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This week, Sharon Shattuck joins me to talk about her new documentary, From This Day Forward. It’s an intimate portrayal of her father, Trisha, who came out as transgender when Sharon was in middle school. In the film we learn about Trisha’s experience as a transgender woman living in a small midwestern town, and we see how the Shattuck family has navigated the challenges of Trisha’s transition. We also get a glimpse into Trisha’s life as an artist and we hear from Sharon’s mom, Marcia, about her relationship with Trisha.

Recently I met up with filmmaker Sharon in Brooklyn to talk about her film, her family,  Trisha’s paintings, and the increasing visibility of LGBTQ families in pop-culture.


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