Roxanne Jackson

Premiere DateNov 17, 2015
00:00 Intro
01:39 Art as a Kid
03:00 Art School
05:41 Critique
07:47 Ceramics
11:18 Snakes on a Chain
17:24 Mermaids
23:22 The Thing Thing
27:32 Ceramics and Fine Art
30:47 Heather Metal Parking Lot
34:36 Finish

California Dreamin

Artist Roxanne Jackson has taken an unconventional approach to her life as an artist.  Before going to grad school to study art she worked as a river guide in California, got a degree in botany and spent winters teaching  snowboarding in Colorado.

Today Roxanne  makes sculptures and installations from materials like ceramics and paper mache. Roxanne takes these crafty materials, and combines them with imagery drawn from everything from mythical monsters and pop culture to black metal and folk art. The result are sculptures depicting strange grotesque mermaids, a chain of giant snakes eating themselves, and a coffe table sized ceramic rendering of the alien monster from John Carpenter’s film The Thing.

When I met up with Roxanne recently in a studio we talked about making art at a young age, how she becoming a botanist, the role of craft materials in her work, and a giant party Roxanne throws every summer called Heather Metal Parking Lot.

The Thing-Thing, 2015; Media: Ceramic, glaze; 21 x 12 x 13″

Heartbreaker, 2015; Media: Ceramic, glaze, cobalt underglaze decals; 26 x 17 x 12″

Snakes on a Chain, , 2015. Media: Papier-Mache, wire, marbled paper, Sculpty, Mylar; 144 x 10 x 33 inches


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