Rithika Merchant

Premiere DateSep 29, 2015
00:00 Rithika Merchant
01:36 Luna Tabulatorum
02:26 The Moon
03:21 Research
04:12 Monomyth
05:13 Figures
07:27 Lunatic
09:06 Lycanthropy
10:14 Folding Paper
12:56 Human Forms
16:51 Femininity
19:56 Selenography
21:23 Myths
23:47 India
26:04 Gond Artists
27:54 Finish

The Moon Devours Her Children, 2015 | 50 x 70 cms | Gouache and Ink on Paper

Artist Rithika Merchant’s new series, Luna Tabulatorum, tells a story inspired by the moon. Myths and Folklore inform a lot of the imagery in the project and Rithika is drawn to the  significant role the moon has played in the stories of gods, creation and the universe in ancient cultures. Rithika’s series  is on view now at Stephen Romano Gallery in Bushwick, and last week Rithika joined me via Skype from Barcelona to talk about her work, the moon, and ways that  women and femininity  are portrayed in art and mythology.

Genesis, 2015 | 70 x 100 cms | Gouache and Ink on Paper

Orbiter, 2015 | 50 x 60 cms | Gouache and Ink on Paper

Lunatic, 2015 | 60 x 50 cms | Gouache and Ink on Paper

Selenography, 2014 | 60 x 50 cms | Gouache and Ink on Paper


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