Remake Remix Rip-Off

Premiere DateJun 14, 2016
00:00 BTR Today
00:50 Cem Kaya
03:50 Turkish Films in Germany
07:23 Yesilcam, Turkish Hollywood
12:11 Remakes, Remixes, Rip Offs
16:58 A Unique Cinema
19:00 No Budget? No Film? No Problem!
21:38 Censorship
25:09 Legacy of Yesilcam
28:51 Recycled Films
31:53 Finish

This Week:

Filmmaker Cem Kaya talks about his documentary Remake Remix Rip-Off. The film chronicles the rise and fall of Yesilçam, the Turkish film industry, which during the Cold War was one of the most prolific in the world, churning out close to 300 films a year. Producers kept up with the public’s demand for new films by copying, remaking and mashing up Hollywood scripts into zany, Turkish versions of films like The Wizard of Oz, Rambo and ET. Thanks to loose copyright laws in Turkey, all of this was completely legal.

Still from a Turish remake of The Exorcist

Still from The Man Who Saved the World

Poster for the Turkish version of Rambo alongside the original

Clip from The Man Who Saved the World
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