Premiere DateJun 2, 2015
00:00 Thomas Intro
01:15 The Boy With Perpetual Nervousness The Feelies
03:51 Jan Kempenaers Interview pt. 1
06:40 My Kimono Polvo
08:56 Jan Kempenaers Interview pt. 2
11:25 No Future No Past Cloud Nothings
15:40 Jan Kempenaers Interview pt. 3
17:47 Every Picture I Paint Teenage Fanclub
21:05 Jan Kempenaers Interview pt. 4
22:03 Special Eyes The Embarrassment
25:36 Jan Kempenaers Interview pt. 5
28:59 The Past is a Grotesque Animal Of Montreal
32:52 Track Twelve (Talkin' Maybe Third Eye Don't Care Blues) Original Sins
40:30 Finish

Rock #2

My guest this week is Antwerp-based photographer Jan Kempenaers. Jan broke out on the photography scene in 2010 when he published a book called Spomenik. The book documents the giant geometric sculptures that were built across the countryside of the former Yugoslavia in the 60s and 70 as monuments to various sites and battles from World War Two. Jan traveled to these isolated sites to photograph these alien-looking sculptures. Before Jan’s project these monuments were largely unknown except to the people in the small towns where they’re located.

Jan’s latest book is called Picturesque and it features photographs of landscapes, ruins ,and architecture. He’s interested in the ways that contemporary landscapes relate to classical ideas of picturesque beauty. This week on the show I speak with Jan about photography and his interest in landscape and architecture.

Rock #4

NZ #1


Spomenik #4 (Tjentište)


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