Art Uncovered - Photojournalist Arthur Pollock

Premiere DateOct 9, 2012
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01:47 Arthur Pollock Interview pt 1
05:04 Critical Mass Teenage Fanclub
07:46 Arthur Pollock Interview pt 2
10:31 La Grande Illusion Television Personalities
13:49 Arthur Pollock Interview pt 3
16:12 What a Waste Sonic Youth
19:07 Arthur Pollock Interview pt 4
22:44 Pancake Swirlies
25:54 Arthur Pollock Interview pt 5
28:45 Freakin Out Death
31:30 Arthur Pollock Interview pt 6
34:12 In My Time Kurt Vile
37:26 Arthur Pollock Interview pt 7
43:51 I Am With You Ty Segall
47:02 Finish

Over the last 50 years, Arthur Pollock has photographed some of the landmark events in our country’s history, including Vietnam War protests and  the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion. He has also documented countless day to day stories and features for some of the country’s top news outlets.

In the early 1980s Arthur  joined the staff of the Boston Herald, and over the course of his career has been the recipient of numerous awards including the  World Press Award and the National Press Photographers Association Picture of the Year award. He is currently an assistant photo editor at the Boston Herald.

A collection of Arthur’s work was recently  published by his son, Jesse Pollock, through Un Piano Books.  I  spoke with Arthur over the phone about his career as a photojournalist and his book.


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