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Premiere DateDec 13, 2011
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For the last 25 years my guest, photographer Paul Shambroom, has been photographing American power. In the 1990s he was granted unprecedented access to the U.S. nuclear arsenal, and he traveled the country making images of weapons command sites and intercontinental ballistic missiles. After 9/11, Paul embarked on a new project documenting the training facilities, equipment and first responder personal involved in the major efforts to prepare for a another terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

Paul’s project’s have also taken him to city council meetings in rural America, and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve along the gulf cost of Texas, where 700 million barrels of crude oil are stored in underground facilities.

His newest project, called Shrines, looks at old weapons of war and the ways that they’ve been re-purposed as memorials, tourist attractions and playground equipment in communities across the united states.

Paul’s projects have been exhibited at galleries and museums internationally and he has published three monographs of his work. His most recent exhibition is entitled “Power and Place” and is on view through Feb 4 2012 at the Nash Gallery in Minneapolis.

I spoke with Paul Shambroom recently over the phone about his new work and his career documenting American power.


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