Premiere DateMar 1, 2016
00:41 Newman
02:44 Conspiracy Videos
05:32 Man or Invention?
11:06 The Patent Office
14:59 Newman's Past
17:56 The Investor
23:05 Does it Work?
25:47 An American Story
28:16 Creativity
36:19 Finish

Joseph Newman and his energy machine

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This week on the show:

Jon Fox is the director of the new documentary Newman. The film tells the story of a self-educated inventor named Joseph Newman who in the 1980s claimed to have invented a perpetual motion machine. To Newman’s skeptics, his device violated basic laws of physics. But according to Newman — and many of his scientifically credentialed supporters — his device was real, and it promised a populist form of free energy that could change the world.  Jon Fox spent over a decade working on the film and it’s screening on March 8th at IFC Center in New York.

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