Art Uncovered - Nathan Myhrvold

Premiere DateFeb 11, 2014
00:00 The Photography of Modernist Cuisine
01:57 Photo Books
03:25 A Vision of Food
04:54 Context of Food Photos
07:26 Cross sections
09:58 Microscopes and Parasites
12:19 Food Porn
17:27 Beginnings
19:54 Future of Modernist Cuisine
23:28 Trends
26:11 Finish

Elemental Flames © Nathan Myhrvold / Modernist Cuisine

The Photography of Modernist Cuisine is the new book from Nathan Myhrvold and the team at The Cooking Lab in Seattle. “We wanted to create a vision of food, and show people a vision of food, than what was out there,”  Nathan says.

To pull this off, they sawed five-thousand dollar ovens in half to photograph the cooking process. They used microscopes and fiber-optic lights to take pictures of Vitamin C crystals and parasitic worms that live in pork.  They went to a shooting range to shoot rifles at eggs and a blob of  gelatin.

Many of the images in The Photography of Modernist Cuisine originated in  Modernist Cuisine, the 2,500 cookbook Nathan published in 2011 about the science of  cooking. If you want to know how to use a centrifuge or liquid nitrogen in the kitchen, Modernist Cuisine is the book for you.

Before he started publishing photography and massive cookbooks, Nathan work d closely with Bill Gates as the Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft. On top of that, he has earned a PhD in theoretical and mathematical physics, studied with Stephen Hawking at Cambridge, and won first place the Memphis BBQ Championship.  He’s currently the founder and CEO of Intellectual Ventures.

Last week I spoke with Nathan Myhrvold about his photobook, food porn, and the future of Modernist Cuisine.

Exploding Eggs © Nathan Myhrvold / Modernist Cuisine

The Hidden Garden – © Nathan Myhrvold / Modernist Cuisine

Trichinella in Muscle © Nathan Myhrvold / Modernist Cuisine

Kaleidoscopic Vitamin C – © Nathan Myhrvold / Modernist Cuisine

Oven Cross-section © Nathan Myhrvold / Modernist Cuisine


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