Art Uncovered - Mirage Men

Premiere DateOct 7, 2014
00:00 Mirage Men
01:56 Mark Pilkington
04:48 The Robertson Panel
07:45 Post Atomic Age
09:06 Richard Doty
12:00 The Stealth Program
15:04 The UFO Mythology
18:32 UFO Communities
21:19 UFOs in the 21st Century
25:57 Finish

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In 1952 USAF Intelligence Chief Major General John Samford held a press conference to address a flood of UFO sightings above Washington DC. The press conference signaled a new kind of seriousness in the government’s approach to unidentified flying objects.  Behind the scenes, the heads of  US Intelligence had decided that they had a role to play in shaping the public imagination when it came to flying saucers. According to my guest, writer Mark Pilkington, this role took shape, most shockingly, in the form of Mirage Men.

Mirage Men are the name Mark gives to the intelligence agents who, throughout the cold war, infiltrated UFO groups in order to spread mis-information about aliens and flying saucers. As we learn in Mark’s documentary — fittingly titled Mirage Men — the work of these shadowy figures has helped create the UFO folklore that we know in popular culture, as well as perpetuated the stories and conspiracy theories   UFO die-hards suspect the government of covering up.

Recently I spoke to writer Mark Pilkington about Mirage Men, flying saucers, and the status of UFO culture in the 21st century.


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