Meryl Meisler

Premiere DateAug 18, 2015
00:00 Intro
01:56 Purgatory and Paradise
04:17 Celebrate the Quirky
06:51 Arbus Smirk
09:58 NYC Nightlife
11:24 Fire Island
12:57 Finding a Photograph
14:03 The Mystery Club
17:56 Patti Smith
19:29 Butterfly Bedspread
21:21 The Suburbs
22:37 Back in Time
24:43 Editing
26:23 Impressions
27:28 The Doom and Gloom
29:53 Missing
32:02 Finish

The Meisler, Forkash & Cash ClanWelcoming a Sweet New Year, North Massapequa, NY, Rosh Hashanah, September 1974

Photographer Meryl Meisler grew up on the South Shore of Long Island, and in the 1970s she began photographing her family, friends and neighbors around her suburban home town. As a photographer, Meryl is drawn to the antics of everyday life, and in her intimate and often hilarious photos we’re treated to scenes like a man juggling cardboard boxes after the prom, her young cousin grimacing at the camera from atop a toilet seat, or an amazing image of a couple smiling to the camera from a bedroom decked out in butterfly print wallpaper and matching bedspread.

These photographs and more are collected in Meryl’s new book: Purgatory and Paradise: Sassy 70s Suburbia and the City. The book pairs Meryl’s Long Island photographs with images of the characters she encountered while exploring New York’s vibrante nightlife and cultural scenes in the 1970s.

Purgatory and Paradise is on bookshelves now, and a selection of images from the book are on view at Black Box Gallery in Bushwick through October 12th.

Cousin Jennifer Cash Wieneron the Throne, North Massapequa, NY, Rosh Hashanah, September 1975

Butterfly Bedroom, East Meadow, NY, May  1975

Woman On Deck Reading Hustler, Fire Island,  Pines, NY July 1978

Jive Guy on Williamsburg Subway, Brooklyn, NY, March 1978

Patti Smith Sings Gloria at CBGB, NY, NY April 1977

Clown Car at The Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey,  Circus, NYC, NY April 1977

Self-Portrait, The Girls Scout Oath, North Massapequa, NY,  January 1975

All images © Meryl Meisler


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