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Premiere DateOct 4, 2011
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This week on the show my guest is documentary filmmaker Marshall Curry. His newest film is called “If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front.” The film tells the story of Daniel McGowan, an environmentalist who was arrested in 2005 on Federal terrorism charges for his role in the burning of two Oregon timber facilities.

His arrest came as part of a massive sweep of activists associated with the Earth Liberation Front, a radical environmentalist group the FBI has called America’s “number one domestic terrorism threat.”

In the film we meet Daniel while he’s on house arrest, facing a life sentence, and hear his retelling of how he became involved with the ELF.

Marshall’s film combines Daniel’s story with archival footage and  interviews with activists, detectives, federal prosecutors, and victims of ELF arsons to raise questions about activism, law enforcement’s response to it, and how we define terrorism.

Marshall is also the director of “Racing Dreams” and “Street Fight,” which was nominated for an Academy Award and won the audience award at the Tribeca film festival.

PBS is streaming If A Tree Falls for free until October 13th. Watch it HERE.


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