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Premiere DateAug 25, 2015
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Suburban Mutilation, Green Bay, WI, MRR Issue 8, 1983

Marc Fischer is the administrator of Public Collectors, an online archive dedicated to preserving cultural artifacts that don’t get attention from  libraries, museums, and other collecting institutions. The digital archive is full of photos and PDF scans of unusual books and zines like this erotic comic about amputees, and this heart wrenching book of drawings of by atomic bomb survivors.

Marc’s latest Public Collectors project is called Hardcore Architecture and it brings together the 21st century technology of Google Street View and the analog world of 1980s underground punk zines. For the project (which exists as a Tumblr, a gallery exhibition and a series of publications), Marc looked at the contact listings found alongside album reviews in 80s issues of the punk zine Maximum Rock and Roll and looked up the addresses on Google Street View. The resulting collection of images shows banal suburban architecture juxtaposed with the names of hardcore bands like White Collar Corpse and Crippled by Society. The contrast offers  a fascinating and hilarious departure from the band logos, grainy black and white photos, and generally low-fi aesthetics typically associated with 80s hardcore. Marc has collected over 300 of these homes on his Tumblr and last week I got a chance to chat with him about Hardcore Architecture and his work with Public Collectors.

To find out more about Marc’s publications, including the Public Collectors’ book, check out his publishing imprint Half Letter Press.

Alien Nation, Birmingham, MI, MRR Issue 33, 1986

Shithaus, Providence, RI, MRR Issue 28, 1985

Solution Unknown, Louisville, KY, MRR Issue 18, 1984

Blind Idiot God, St. Louis, MO, MRR Issue 19, 1984


Ed Gein’s Car – Making Dick Dance
Ed Gein’s Car – Cream of Wheat

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