Art Uncovered - Luftraum

Premiere DateDec 18, 2012
00:00 Thomas Intro
01:30 Bjoern Schulke pt. 1
03:47 Nobot A Frames
06:19 Bjoern Schulke pt. 2
08:51 Drawing To a Hole The Clean
10:51 Bjoern Schulke pt. 3
13:29 You're Blessed Ice Age
15:18 Bjoern Schulke pt. 4
18:14 Good Vibrations Brian Wilson
22:41 Bjoern Schulke pt. 5
24:13 Our Solar System The Intelligence
26:24 Bjoern Schulke pt. 6
30:03 Slow Motion Panda Bear
33:47 Finish

Luftraum #1, 2012 suspended solar panels, wood, aluminum, custom circuits, motor, motion sensor, paint shell exterior

For more than 10 years German artist Bjoern Schulke has been making interactive kinetic sculptures. His works bring together steel, wood, lights, motors, electronic sensors, solar panels and even theremins into machines that move, see and make noise all on their own.

However, despite the sculptures’ seemingly autonomous behavior and industrial sci-fi appearance, Bjoern doesn’t like the calling them robots. Instead, he refers to his pieces as “creatures.” I have to say, after seeing some of Bjoern’s creatures in person, I think it’s an appropriate term. When you approach one of these sculptures and it starts to respond to your presence with motion and sound, it’s hard not to project some sort of emotion or inner consciousness onto Bjoern’s machines.

Three of Bjoern’s newest creatures are on view now at Bitforms Gallery in New York City, part of his solo show called Luftraum.  Last week, Bjoern spoke with me over the phone from Germany about his sculptures and his new show.

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