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Premiere DateOct 25, 2011
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This week on Art Uncovered:  French filmmaker Laure Flamarion. She is the co-director of the new film “Somewhere to Disappear.” The film follows renown photographer Alec Soth as he travels across America in search of men living on the margins of society. Laure and her co-director Arnaud document Alec as he meets and photographs an intriguing cast of  modern day hermits living in caves, mountain cabins, and in remote swaths of desert.

I sat down with Laure Flammarion  in New York to talk about making the film,  Alec Soth’s relationship with his subjects, and the fantasy of running away from society.

Watch the trailer HERE. You can see the photographs Alec was taking in the film on his website. They are part of his project called Broken Manual.

Alec Soth and his large format 8×10 camera

One of Alec’s subjects living in the New Mexico desert

Alec in the doorway of a one-room home built into the side of a cave.


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