Art Uncovered -- Josh Blackwell

Premiere DateDec 27, 2011
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02:00 Josh Blackwell Interview pt. 1
04:14 Freeway Kurt Vile
06:45 Josh Blackwell Interview pt. 2
10:47 Shift (Son) Grizzly Bear
13:07 Josh Blackwell Interview pt. 3
16:58 Solo Buttons for Joe Meek Matmos
20:30 Josh Blackwell Interview pt. 4
23:37 I Was Chosen Aunt Sally
25:06 Josh Blackwell Interview pt. 5
28:30 Goodbye Girls Broadcast
31:21 Josh Blackwell Interview pt. 6
34:06 On a Hill in a Bed on a Road in a House High Places
36:47 Josh Blackwell Interview pt. 7
40:50 Myth of the Front Tracy and the Plastics
43:14 Finish

Josh Blackwell

My guest this week is artist Josh Blackwell. He recently curated a show at Zurcher Gallery in new york city called, “Underemployed.” The show takes as its inspiration an essay by Oscar Wilde, which argues that art suffers when it is obliged to reflect and regurgitate the images and logic of the reality and culture that govern our daily lives. Instead, Josh set out in search of works that reveal  the potential for  alternative realities and the fantastical logic contained in the materials and objects we encounter every day.

Included in the show is some of Josh’s own work , a series he calls Plastic Baskets. For these pieces, Josh collages discarded plastic deli and supermarket bags and then sews into them using thick colored yarn. The resulting pieces appear simultaneously delicate and durable, and reflect a hybrid of techniques and influences including basket weaving, minimalism and abstract painting.

I sat down with Josh in his studio in Bushwick to talk about his exhibition and his work.

Josh Blackwell

Keiko Narahashi

Lizzie Scott and Miranda Lichtenstein Install

Mary Lum (foreground) and B Wurtz

Brian Belott


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