Jessamyn Lovell

Premiere DateJun 30, 2015
00:00 Jessamyn Lovell
01:28 Dear Erin Hart
04:04 Media Attention
10:34 Bad Photos
15:50 No Trespassing
20:41 Resolution
22:25 New Projects
27:17 Finish

Jessamyn Lovell, Smoking, 2013 from Dear Erin Hart

This week on the show, artist Jessamyn Lovell talks about photography, surveillance and what it was like tracking down the woman who stole her identity. Jessamyn’s work is currently on view at CENTER in Santa Fe and SCA Contemporary in Albuquerque. Her new book, in which she chronicles her efforts to find her identity thief, is available now from SF Camerawork.

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My Fingerprints, 2011, from “Dear Erin Hart”

Mug shot, 2012, from “Dear Erin Hart”

“I hovered really close to his house late at night watching the lights go on and off and then finally off for the night.” from No Tresspassing

At night, I ran across all sorts of wildlife, which started to seem like signs to me.” No Tresspassing


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