Art Uncovered -- Jenny Odell

Premiere DateJan 10, 2012
00:00 Thomas Intro
01:37 Jenny Odell Interview pt. 1
05:43 Sealed Human The Faint
08:36 Jenny Odell Interview pt. 2
10:58 A Space Boy Dream Belle and Sebastian
13:51 Jenny Odell Interview pt. 3
17:40 Peanut Butter Oven Thee Oh Sees
20:16 Jenny Odell Interview pt. 4
24:51 Outcome Beck
26:59 Jenny Odell Interview pt. 5
31:42 Lightning Song Blood on the Wall
33:28 Jenny Odell Interview pt. 6
35:29 When My Boy Walks Down the Street Magnetic Fields
38:06 Jenny Odell Interview pt. 7
40:18 Listen Close The Microphones
42:26 Jenny Odell Interview pt. 8
45:03 The Human Body Pylon
47:23 Finish

We’ve all used Google Earth’s  Satellite View or Street View tools to get directions, find our way around a new city or just explore. My guest, artist Jenny Odell, has taken these tools a step further to use them as the subject of her work.  Jenny scrolls around Google Satellite View collecting images of uniquely man-made structures — like swimming pools, parking lots and landfills — and arranges them on large prints, a way of re-examining a landscape altered by humans from the very inhuman perspective of a satellite’s remote camera.

Jenny has also explored the surreal moments captured by the Google Street View camera, and has recently been working on a new series called “Every Person on Google Earth” in which she removes everything but the people from satellite views of public spaces like Pier 39 in San Francisco.

I spoke with Jenny recently over the phone about her interest in Google Earth, some of the strange things she’s discovered about it, and her experience exhibiting her work for people who invented it at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View California.

39 Landfills

195 Yachts, Barges, Cargo Ships, Tankers and other Ships

All the People in Delores Park


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