Janaye Brown

Premiere DateDec 15, 2015
00:00 Intro
02:29 Influences
03:38 Grad School Experiments
05:00 Slow Cinema
06:39 Red Desert
07:57 Process
10:19 Finding Narrative
12:20 Cocktail Hour
15:18 People
17:06 Roy Andersson
20:55 Photography
23:05 Rocks With Salt
25:37 Last Night
27:52 Relative Slowness
31:31 Gravity
33:37 Film Festivals and Art Galleries
37:15 Knausgaard
41:21 Finish

Still from Cocktail Party

Video artist Janaye Brown makes single-shot videos based around the surreal and  mundane moments of everyday life. In a four minute piece called Cocktail Hour, a room filled with fog slowly clears to reveal two figures sitting awkwardly in a living room as a clock is heard ticking off screen. In another video, called Late Spring, we watch for two minutes as insects swarm around a brightly lit bell tower. The Lynchian piece Rocks, With Salt frames a blank patch of sand on the beach that appears to be breathing.

Janaye’s style of long static shots, paired with beautiful cinematography, and minimal narrative grew out of a fascination with experimental filmmakers like Chantelle Ackerman and Yasujiro Ozu as well as pioneers of “slow cinema” like Michelangelo Antonioni.

A few week ago I meet up with Janaye Brown in Brooklyn to find out more about her work. We talked about some of her videos, slow cinema, and the difference between showing her work at a film festivals versus an art gallery.

Still from Rocks With Salt

Still from Late Spring

Still from Swan Song

Cocktail Hour installation view


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