Art Uncovered -- Homer Flynn

Premiere DateJun 14, 2011
00:00 Thomas Intro
01:50 Hello Skinny The Residents
02:39 Homer Flynn Interview pt. 1
05:26 Elvis and His Boss The Residents
07:53 Homer Flynn Interview pt. 2
12:35 Constantinople The Residents
14:59 Homer Flynn Interview pt. 3
18:41 Picnic Boy The Residents
19:38 Perfect Love The Residents
20:40 Homer Flynn Interview pt. 4
25:01 Laughing Song The Residents
27:09 Homer Flynn Interview pt. 5
29:58 The Walrus Hunt The Residents
33:06 Homer Flynn Interview pt. 6
35:05 Weight Lifting Lulu The Residents
38:10 Homer Flynn Interview pt. 7
42:20 Theme for an American TV Show The Residents
43:41 Homer Flynn Interview pt. 8
45:57 Shut Up! Shut Up! The Residents
46:58 Homer Flynn Interview pt. 9
49:20 Hitler Was a Vegetarian The Residents
50:50 Finish

For almost four decades, Homer Flynn has been the Art Director and visual driving force behind The Residents — the iconic avant garde musical group who, since the early 1970s, have released over 60 albums, numerous music videos and multi-media projects including a CD-ROM, and whose members have, for nearly forty years, remained completely anonymous.

Homer was brought on by the band to help craft their aesthetic, and he has done just that through a combination of surreal collage, subversive pastiche of popular culture, and what has become the group’s iconic image: a giant eyeball wearing a top-hat.

In the album covers, promotional posters, illustrations and drawings created for the Residents, Homer has created a unique folklore around the band, one that explores the dark and ironic sides of capitalism, Americana, and the music industry.

In addition to handling the visuals for The Residents, Homer also heads  the band’s business arm, the Cryptic Corporation.

For the first time in the US, Homer has a large show of his work which is up now at Johansson Projects in Oakland. The show  surveys his work with the Residents as well as never before seen personal work curated by his daughter, artist Jana Flynn.

Homer spoke with me recently from his home in San Francisco about what it was like to show his work and his history with the Residents.

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