Art Uncovered -- Facetime

Premiere DateJan 31, 2012
00:00 Thomas Intro
02:36 Facetime interview pt. 1
06:05 On the Surface Pere Ubu
08:39 Facetime interview pt. 2
12:13 Yes I Do Chicks on Speed
14:23 Facetime interview pt. 3
16:43 Tongue Tied Erase Erata
18:19 Facetime interview pt. 4
21:33 I Found that Essence Rare Gang of Four
24:33 Facetime interview pt. 5
27:02 Industrial Estate The Fall
28:42 Facetime interview pt. 6
33:15 Faces Harlem
35:06 Facetime interview pt. 7
39:53 Die Matrosen Liliput
42:41 Finish

Aleksandra Domanović, Portrait, 2011

The term “face time” used to refer to a physical encounter, a one-to-one interaction between two individuals in the same space. Now, the face-to-face interaction is being replaced by it’s digital equivalent, whether it’s the iPhone’s Facetime app or new facial recognition algorithms being used by Facebook and Google.

In a new exhibition, up now at On Stellar Rays Gallery in New York, curator Toke Lykkeberg has assembled an international group of artists who explore the”state of the face today.” In the 21st century, Toke says, the face has become something “we avidly manipulate, perform, display, distort, detect, scan, enhance, blur, veil and avoid.”

Toke has appropriately titled the exhibition Facetime, and he joins me — along with Candice Madey, director at On Stellar Rays Gallery — to talk about his exhibition and the ways technology is changing the relationships we have to each others faces.

Zeus, Visual Violation of Isaac Newton, 2011

Maiken Bent, Sture, Kim, Ole, Rafai, Håkan, 2011

DIS Magazine w/ Adam Harvey, How to Hide from Machines – The perilous glamour of life under surveillance, 2010, view webpage

Maria Petchnig, Pareidolia, 2008 (detail)


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